Atchison Aviators

2014 Handbook

Dear 2014 Aviators and Aviators Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back!  We are expecting another great year with the chorus!  In the following pages you will find an outline of the practices and operational procedures for the Atchison Aviators!  You are expected to read and fully understand this manual, as it will answer most of your questions throughout the year.

Please take the manual home, review the booklet with your child and sign the acknowledgment form on the back of the book. Return the signed acknowledgment form by October 10th to Mr. Weaver.

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Mr. Weaver’s Email: bweaver@usd409.netMrs. Liggett’s

Mrs. Dolenz’s Email:

School Phone Number: 913-367-1161

We are looking forward to another great year.  Through hard work and dedication from everyone, we will have nothing but success!


Mr. Weaver                                         

Atchison Aviator Director            

The following A.E.S. administrators have approved this handbook:

Mrs. Brooke Hughes

Intermediate Principal

Mr. Tom Sack

Primary Principal

“Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm.”  
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our History

The Atchison Aviators began on January 6th, 2004, under the direction of Mr. Bradley Weaver, director, and Mrs. Marilyn Albright, accompanist.  Mrs. Mary Liggett begins her seventh year as our Membership and Parent Liaison.  Mrs. Kay Dolenz begins her fifth year as our accompanist.  The musical performance group continued a long tradition of groups that had been a part of U.S.D. 409, such as the former Atchison Singers.  The fourth and fifth grade chorus is a non-auditioned musical performance group selected on meeting high standards in regards to academic achievement and classroom behavior.

Besides our school performances for our families and friends, the chorus has sung at many community events over the past few years.  Some highlights include:

2004 Discovery Fair Performance At Benedictine College In Atchison, Kansas

2004 U.S.P.S. First Day Issue Lewis And Clark Stamp Ceremony Performance

2005 Welcome Back Ceremony For Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 130th Field Artillery

2005 Kansas City T-Bones National Anthem Performance In Kansas City, Kansas

2006 Atchison High School Boys Varsity Basketball Game Performance

2006 Kansas City Royals National Anthem Performance In Kansas City, Missouri

2006 Lewis And Clark Opening Ceremony At Riverfront Park In Atchison, Kansas

2007 Kansas City T-Bones National Anthem Performance In Kansas City, Kansas

2007 International Forest Of Friendship Ceremony Performance In Atchison, Kansas

2008 Atchison High School Girls Varsity Basketball Game Performance

2008 Kansas City T-Bones National Anthem Performance In Kansas City, Kansas

2008 Benedictine College Heart Of America Women’s Basketball Conference    Championship National Anthem Performance

2009 University Of Kansas Women’s Basketball National Anthem Performance In Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas

2009 Topeka Symphony’s Free School Day Concert Attendance

2009 Benedictine College Women’s Basketball National Anthem Performance

2009 Kansas City T-Bones National Anthem Performance In Kansas City, Kansas

2010 Martin Luther King Celebration Performance In Atchison, Kansas

2010 Kansas City T-Bones National Anthem Performance In Kansas City, Kansas

2010 Benedictine College Women’s Basketball National Anthem Performance

2011 Martin Luther King Celebration Performance In Atchison, Kansas

2011 Benedictine College Women’s Basketball National Anthem Performance

2011 Atchison High School Girls Varsity Basketball Game Performance

2011 Kansas City T-Bones National Anthem Performance

2012 Martin Luther King Celebration Performance In Atchison, Kansas

2012 Benedictine College Women’s Basketball National Anthem Performance

2012 Sporting KC Major League Soccer National Anthem Performance In Kansas City, Kansas

2012 University Of Kansas Women’s Basketball National Anthem Performance In Allen Fieldhouse In Lawrence, Kansas

2013 Martin Luther King Celebration Performance In Atchison, Kansas

2013 Topeka Symphony’s Free School Day Concert Attendance

2013 Benedictine College Women’s Basketball National Anthem Performance

2013 FC Kansas City Major League Women’s National Anthem Performance In Shawnee Mission, Kansas

2013 Atchison High School Women’s Varsity Basketball Game Performance

We are celebrating our eleventh year of the Atchison Aviators.  We have had 509 Atchison Aviators sing with us in the past ten years and have grown from a membership of 24 in 2004 to 60 strong in 2013!  It is our hope and aim that 2014 is our best year yet!

An Important Note:  Membership Requirements

In order to be a member of the Atchison Aviators, the student must be in good standing academically.  This requires each member to have a “2” in each academic class at A.E.S.   

In addition, each member of the Atchison Aviators must demonstrate positive relationships at A.E.S.  If a student receives an I.S.S. during our performance season (January – May 2014), he/she will be dismissed from the chorus. 

All monies received for activity fees, etc. will be non-refunded due to the student’s neglect in meeting the above membership requirements. 

The Expectations

The Three R’s

The Three R’s have been approved by the U.S.D. 409 Music Department.

1.RESPECTThat is the single most important rule to remember. You are the musical representatives for your school, and all it takes is one person involved in one incident to give the whole group a bad name.  Don’t be that person.  In every situation, during every event in your life, you should ask yourself these questions:

¬Am I respecting myself?

¬Am I respecting everyone else?

¬Am I respecting the property around me?

2.RESPONSIBILITYYou will be given certain responsibilities: trips, music, instruments, etc. Do not abuse your privileges.

3.Positive RESULTSBy respecting each other, along with personal responsibility, we will get positive results.

Discipline Policy

We have a strong tradition of excellent behavior and attendance in our chorus.  However, if students do not follow the rules, there will be consequences for their actions.

If there is misconduct during any performance/rehearsal, this could possibly result in expulsion from chorus.

Discipline will be dealt with on an individual basis.

***For more information refer to the discipline policy in the A.E.S. student handbook***

Rehearsal Preparation

Rehearsal starts promptly at 3:31 p.m. Children must be ready to sing at this time. If a child is not ready to sing, they will be asked to stay after rehearsal briefly to discuss the problem with Mr. Weaver, Mrs. Dolenz, or Mrs. Liggett.  If there is a pattern of consistent lateness, this could result in disciplinary action.

Rehearsal Dismissal

The Atchison Aviators begin rehearsal at 3:31 and end at 4:30 p.m.  Please be prompt in picking up your children. We are unable to make long distance phone calls from the AES Music room so please plan according.  All students need to leave with their parents, if possible.  

If your child needs to leave with someone else, please provide written notice with contact information, to Mrs. Liggett,, or Mr. Weaver,, prior to the beginning of rehearsal.

The children will leave from the Primary Cafeteria door at the BACK of the elementary school.  It is important that you do not block the bus driveway and only park in the parking lot directly behind the school.  Occasionally, the bus driveway will need to be clear due to after-school activities.

Rehearsal Dates

January 7, 14, 21, 28

February 4, 18, 25

March 4, 11, 25

April 1, 8, 15, 29

May 6

May 8 – Aviators Community Concert

Attendance Policy

Rehearsal and Performance Attendance

All rehearsals and concerts are mandatory. Absences will only be excused in case of serious illness of the student or a family emergency. Absences due to vacation will not be excused.

If your child has more than THREE absences, it could result in dismissal from the chorus.  This is an administrative procedure and does allow for some flexibility on our part for the unforeseen happenings of life. 

Remember we only meet once a week, so three weeks of absence is extremely significant! 

Individual Practice

You will have homework… PRACTICE! The chorus is only as strong as it's weakest singer. Every child should strive to do his or her personal best. A minimum of 1 hour of practice per week is expected. It will show during rehearsals and performances if you have not been putting in enough time on your music.

Performance Procedures

Any child that leaves the performance/rehearsal before the director has dismissed them will receive an unexcused absence for that performance, resulting in a possible disciplinary action including up to dismissal from the chorus. 

Safety is our greatest priority for our chorus members!

Rehearsal Procedures

Rehearsals – Due to the large number of children in the Atchison Aviators, all children need to practice self-discipline and respect.  Unless given permission to talk or sing by the director, all children are to remain quiet. When the director is conducting, children are to sit quietly and await instruction.  Talking will not be allowed during this time. It is recommended that the child use this time to review his or her own parts in the music.  When children come in at the beginning of rehearsal, they will be given their music folders.

Sectionals – A sectional is a rehearsal called by the director.  The chorus will be divided into two sections.  You will work with your section only during these rehearsal times.  Sectionals are used to improve the overall quality of the section. Memory, dynamics, pitch, etc., should be the goals of your sectionals. These rehearsals, if handled properly, can do a lot toward building section unity, both socially and musically.


At times, the Aviators will be taking out of town trips. These are performances that are mandatory. All children will be required to stay with the group and may only leave the group with the permission of the director.

If you want to ride home with a parent/guardian, or a parent/guardian designee, the director must receive a written note at least one day before the event. Children are only allowed to ride home with their own parents/guardians, or a parent/guardian designee. No notes will be accepted the day of the event.   No exceptions.

While on the bus, all children must follow the rules set forth by the transportation department. If you do not follow these rules, you will be subject to the discipline policy of the transportation department and this could lead to dismissal from the chorus.

Before all out of town trips, all children will receive an itinerary of that day’s events which will include the following: bus departures, arrival time, eating time with location, performance time, and estimated time of arrival home. Please share this information with your parents.

Remember that you are representing Atchison Elementary School; any misconduct could result in dismissal from the chorus.

Concert Attire Procedure

We will have a scheduled time at the beginning of the year during which you will need to be measured for your concert attire.  The mandatory concert attire will be the Atchison Aviator white polo shirt and black pants/slacks.  I always recommend that your polo shirts be purchased at least one size larger to provide opportunity for growth.  Mrs. Dolenz and Mrs. Liggett both administrate the purchase of the shirts.

It is also expected that you wear black (or very dark brown) shoes with black socks/stockings.  It is mandatory that you wear your concert attire for every Atchison Aviators concert/performance. 

Atchison Aviators concert attire is not to be worn at school unless so directed by the director.  This is to prevent unnecessary soiling of shirts and to show unity within the chorus.  There will be scheduled days in the school year that the children will get to show their Aviator pride! 

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.”

Vincent T. Lombardi

Atchison Aviators Website and Email Blasts

Please visit our Atchison Aviators website for our performance calendar and other important information regarding our elementary music department.  Our website address is:

We also often send our families email blasts of all current information regarding the Atchison Aviators.  Please list your home email address on the attached student/parent contract sheet and we will add you to our list!

Aviators Parents Association


The Aviators Parents Association (A.P.A.) is a group composed of parents of Aviator members who want to be active in their child’s Aviators music career. Children gain a sense of pride when they see parents involved in any school activity.

The A.P.A. contributes greatly to the following things:

Video and Pictures


Spring Concert Reception

Informational Liaisons with Aviator Parents



The A.P.A. will meet the first Tuesday each month at 4:30 p.m. in the A.E.S. music room.

The first A.P.A. meeting is January 7th at 4:30 p.m. in the A.E.S. music room!

Should you join APA?  Let’s just ask Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Atchison Aviators

Student Commitment Contract

I have read the Atchison Aviators Handbook and understand my role and responsibilities as a member of this chorus. I hereby agree to comply with the rules and regulations in this handbook.  I will do my best so that I can contribute to the success of the Atchison Aviators.

__________________________  ___________________________       ______________

Student Signature                  Grade and Homeroom Teacher       Date


Approximate Shirt Size

As an Atchison Aviator Parent/Guardian, I also have read the Atchison Aviator Handbook carefully and will help my child fulfill his/her role and responsibilities to the music program.

I also give my child permission to travel with the Atchison Aviators to ALL performances on U.S.D. 409 transportation.


           Parent/Guardian Signature       Date


            Home Phone


Home Email Address – Please Write Above To Receive Aviator Updates

We are always in need of parental support and help with various activities. If you are willing to offer your assistance, please check the box below.

I am interested in chaperoning an Atchison Aviators trip.

I would be interested in donating snacks/refreshments for the Atchison Aviators if needed.

  I would like to be a part of the Aviators Parents Association. Our firstmeeting: 01/07/14 at 4:30 p.m. in the A.E.S. Music Room.